File and Image Sizes

I’ve been doing some calculations on how big I might be able to print from a 6×17 negative (or transparency for that matter). 6×17 measure 56mm x 168mm or 2.2 inches x 6.6 inches. I can scan on my Epson V550 at 6400ppi however that would be far too much, also I’m not 100% sure how the quality of the negatives would hold up. The best advice I’ve seen is from Nick Carver, check out this video where he suggests 2400ppi for Epson scanners. He also has plenty of other great videos of his amazing work in the 6×17 format. Well worth checking out. So scanning 6×17 at 2400ppi will give me a file of 5291 pixels x 15,815 pixels… lots! If the intended print resolution is 300dpi that would give me an image size of 448mm x 1340mm (17.6 inches x 52.7 inches) I also found this handy calculator which indicates I’ll have a file size of 479Mb when scanned at a bit depth of 48 bit. I believe the calculation is based on CMYK. Of course, if I get some captures that I’m happy with I can always look to getting professional scans done but that’s a while off.

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