6×17 Photography

Well it finally begins, my journey into the 6×17 film format.

I remember being so inspired the first time I went into a gallery in Southbank (Melbourne, Victoria) and saw the work of Ken Duncan (https://kenduncan.com/).  The big, immersive, colourful prints that so beautifully captured the light and colours of the Australian Landscape.

I’ve always had a passion for the images that I’ve seen created in the 3:1 aspect ratio.

I love getting out in the great outdoors and am an enthusiastic photographer, but how to capture something even remotely close.

I’ve dabbled with a 6×17 pinhole camera, beautifully made (https://realitysosubtle.fr/custom-cameras/realitysosubtle-6×17/) however I really wanted something that would take a sharper image.  Digital stitching is another path I’ve been down, it’s not as easy to visualise a composition nor work with longer exposure times. 

There is something that I like about the challenge of slowing down, framing the composition and waiting for the film to come back from processing.  For instant gratification I’ll still take my digital camera with me (which will probably be my lightmeter!) 

There are dedicated cameras for 617 photography, but they are far too expensive for me to consider.  So, the approach I’m taking is a 4×5 camera with a 617 roll film back.

So I’ve taken the plunge and order this Wista 45D

It will still need a lens and a film holder but I’m on my way…

Stay tuned.


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